You can be recognized as a high standard professional in LIVEs.

You can minimize failures and interruptions in your presentation.

You can enjoy the best experience in a online participation.

You can contribute to the creation of an inspiring event.


On a computer, the usability of buttons, menus and other features is always more ergonomic, comfortable and safe, minimizing errors from accidentally triggering certain improper commands.
If you want to present other content such as slides and images, the computer becomes essential.

Connect by CABLE

It is essential that if there is availability to connect your computer on a network cable, connected to the internet router, use this option. Even if the Wi-Fi signal is good, access via cable will always be of better quality, positively impacting your presentation.
It will be one less doubt to be resolved in case of failure.

SOURCE OF LIGHT in front of you

Try to have the main source of ambient light falling on your face. That way people will be able to see your face better.
When there is a strong light source coming from behind, like a window, you risk having your face too dark and only your silhouette visible.


With them you eliminate the possibility of feedback, damaging your presentation and even the speech of other participants.

Mobile in MUTE mode

If the cell phone rings during LIVE it will take your attention away and annoy the participants.
Keep it with the sound of calls turned off.

Cell phone with TOTAL LOAD

Within the logistics of a LIVE, it is possible that the production or coordination team of the event may want to communicate with you.
Useful and even emergency guidelines can be sent by cell phone. So it is vital that this resource is available for the entire duration of your presentation.

CLOSE all programs

Close all programs on your computer, leaving only the software you will use for the presentation. This ensures the best possible performance of your computer, maximizing the quality of your presentation.

Do a TEST before

It is highly recommended to perform a “LIVE test” before the effective date of the presentation. This will ensure greater comfort and safety for you and everyone involved in the program.

Familiarize yourself with ZOOM

The communication software used by the event’s production and organization team during classes is ZOOM.
This is a software built to be simple to operate, but the more skill you have with the commands, the better the fluidity of your presentation.
So do tests with friends before “D-day”.



On a day defined by the organization of the event, you will participate in a simulation.
On that day you must:

Follow the BEST PRACTICES presented in the list above.

Be positioned in the same place where you will be on the actual day of your presentation, to be sure of the internet’s quality.

Have on your computer all the content you will use in your presentation.

The obtained result is directly linked to the commitment of all participants.

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